Wardrobe Door Cutler Gloss White


Wardrobe Door Quotation

Cutler Gloss White Slab Wardrobe Door



Cutler Gloss White Wardrobe Bedroom Doors

  • Modern Rounded Edge Gloss Slab Wardrobe Door
  • Over 6000 Door Styles and Finish combinations.
  • Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom cabinet door frontals
  • Profile Edge 3mm Radius
  • 18mm MDF Door and Drawer frontals
  • Cutler Slab Wardrobe Door Gloss White Available in made to measure sizes.
  • Gloss White Matching Wardrobe accessories.
  • Cutler Gloss Wardrobe Door attained the FIRA gold award.
  • Cutler Slab Wardrobe Door Gloss White Manufactured within 7 working days.
  • Colour / Finish High Gloss White
  • Price Group A
  • Door handles for illustration only

Additional information

Door & Drawer Front Size

Wardrobe Door 1060 x 396mm, Wardrobe Door 1060 x 496mm, Wardrobe Door 1060 x 596mm, Wardrobe Door 1245 x 296mm, Wardrobe Door 1245 x 396mm, Wardrobe Door 1245 x 446mm, Wardrobe Door 1245 x 496mm, Wardrobe Door 1245 x 596mm, Wardrobe Door 895 x 296mm, Wardrobe Door 895 x 396mm, Wardrobe Door 895 x 446mm, Wardrobe Door 895 x 496mm, Wardrobe Door 895 x 596mm, Wardrobe Door 980 x 596mm, Wardrobe Drawer 175 x 396mm, Wardrobe Drawer 175 x 496mm, Wardrobe Drawer 175 x 596mm, Wardrobe Drawer 283 x 496mm, Wardrobe Drawer 283 x 596mm, Wardrobe Drawer 283 x 796mm, Wardrobe Drawer 283 x 896mm, Wardrobe Drawer 283 x 996mm, Wardrobe Drawer 355 x 496mm, Wardrobe Drawer 355 x 596mm, Wardrobe Drawer 355 x 796mm, Wardrobe Drawer 355 x 896mm, Wardrobe Drawer 355 x 996mm


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Gloss White


Slab Cutler Door


6 years Manufacturer’s Guarantee


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